3 reasons why you should install a vanity unit


Vanity units don’t only add a stylish touch but they also have excellent functionality that has made them become an essential piece to have in your bathroom. If you don’t already have a vanity unit and are thinking about whether to purchase one then read our 3 reasons why you should buy one below. Creates...
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Mother’s Day Bathroom Gift Guide


Now we all know that our mums like to take a relaxing bath or like to use luxury soaps/moiturisers when they can. This form of relaxation makes sure that our mums feel re-energised and pampered so that they are ready again for their busy schedule. If you want to treat your mum to some luxury...
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How to make your own Bath Salts


Mother’s Day is around the corner and what is more thoughtful than making something yourself rather than going to a shop and buying the product. You can tailor the bath salts to suit your mums needs and preferences perfectly so that she will really love the gift. Everyone’s mum loves to have a relaxing bath...
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Improve your Bathroom Lighting with these 3 Tips


Bathroom lighting is essential to making your bathrooms appearance look stylish and inviting, especially to guests when they are visiting your home. The right bathroom lighting can sway your bathroom to either being a dump, where you simply spend as little time as possible, or a luxurious sanctuary spa where you want to unwind and...
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What is the Future for our Bathrooms?


Bathrooms have pretty much stayed the same in terms of style and technology until the early 2000’s when countries in Asia decided to re-invent the standard bathroom facilities to be more luxurious. The smart technology trend also appeared in this era, with many people installing programmable thermostats and automated landscape lighting. Home owners love technologies...
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What are the Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bathroom?


With the climate changing and money become even more of an issue to some people, reducing your water consumption is as important as ever. Changing to an eco-friendly bathroom can not only save energy and water, but can lower your monthly utility bills as well. If you are completely renovating your bathroom or simply looking...
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How to prepare your bathroom this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just under a week away, if you haven’t planned a dinner date or bought your significant other anything special then don’t worry – you can still surprise them with a nice, relaxing and romantic evening in. Start the evening off with a home-made meal, with candles to set the mood, then move...
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