Scratch Remover & Brightening Polish

Scratch Remover & Brightening Polish


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Scratch Remover & Polishing Compound for Removing Scratches, Marks & Haziness on Acrylic Bathtubs & Shower Trays. Includes 1 Micro Fibre Cloth

If you want to get your bath or shower tray looking like new again with no scratch marks or dull areas, then our Scratch Remover & Polishing Compound is the right product for you. Not all damages to baths and shower trays come in the form of a chip, crack, split or hole. More often than not our baths and shower trays look dull and scratched pretty soon after being installed.

If you want to give your bath or shower tray a new lease of life then our plastic scratch remover polish, is specially ready mixed formula, does just the job on acrylic and plastic surfaces. Because of the amount of time our baths and shower trays get used this causes the acrylic shiny looking gel coat to erode giving a dull appearance, as well as hazy scratch marks. Our polish is a unique formula and has been specially formulated to correct this problem.

The Scratch Remover & Polishing Compound is a high performance, water-based product suitable for gel coated or painted surfaces. In addition to it restoring the finish on your bath or shower tray, it can be used on automotive scratches, signage products and any other acrylic surfaces around the home making this an essential product to have in a cupboard in case of emergencies!

We suggest that the polish is used with a lint free micro fibre cloth or with a polishing attachment on a drill or Dremel to get the best results and can be used not only as an everyday ‘re-life’ polish but as well in conjunction with all of our Acrylic Bath Repair Kits.

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I need help with my repair

Repairing your shower needn’t mess with your bathroom routine – we offer all our customers an unlimited amount of help and advice so if you want to talk to us about your damage then please call, email or live chat our technical sales department who will be happy to assist. You can also view our ‘Hints & Tips’ or ‘How to Use the Acrylic Bath Repair Kit’ instructional YouTube videos.

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