5 Ways to get your bathroom ready for Christmas

5 Ways to get your bathroom ready for Christmas

5 Ways to get your bathroom ready for Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly – and stressed! You have the whole family coming over at Christmas, but there’s a problem… Your bathroom or guest ensuite needs some serious attention. If you want to get your bathroom ready for Christmas, grab a cuppa and read on!

Easy bathroom makeovers

Christmas is a busy time, and it’s especially hard to find a tradesperson when you need one. But there are some easy ways to improve your bathroom that won’t require changing your bathroom suite. Whether you have a wet room, ensuite or a family bathroom, below are five ideas that won’t break your bank account.

  1. Simple swaps: Look around your bathroom and make a note of anything that appears a little tired or dated. Start with simple things like shower curtains, bathroom mirrors and small fittings. Swap old, worn-out elements with fresh new items. Change a boring plastic soap dispenser to a stylish ceramic version, and then buy hand soap refills. In the long term, this will be more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

  2. Colour changes: If your bathroom is looking a bit drab, why not add a pop of colour to the room? A fun, snazzy shower curtain can really transform a dull space. Replace old bath and pedestal mats with brighter versions, along with a new set of matching towels and bath linen. Don’t forget to buy extra sets for your festive guests!
  1. Upgrade storage: If you’re having lots of family members or friends staying over during the Christmas period, you’ll need plenty of storage. Upscale a plain wall by fitting a chrome towel rack. This is both a practical and trendy way to make your bathroom much more appealing. Your guests will have easy access to fresh towels, and you can coordinate the bath linen to match your interior décor palette.

  2. Paint walls: A quick way to transform your bathroom is to repaint the walls. If you have a larger budget, you could fit some wall cladding, which comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. Wall panels can give bathrooms and ensuites a luxurious look. To save money, you could just install a bathroom panel on one wall.
  1. Simple repairs: You won’t need any DIY skills or extra cash to fix damaged areas with our Bathtub Repair Kit! The process is really simple, and you’ll be able to use your bath or shower within the same day! For an even faster repair solution, use our Rapid Set Repair Kit, which cures in only a few hours! Use these kits to repair chips, cracks, dents, and scratches. Each kit comes with easy step-by-step instructions.

If you need to carry out larger scale improvements, see our blog How to carry out a bathroom renovation on a budget.

Is it easy to repair a damaged bath?

Put simply, yes! Before you repair your bath or shower, you need to check and prepare the surface. First, inspect the damaged surface and surrounding area for any water penetration. If you spot a split, you’ll need to use our Putty Repair Kit first. Thoroughly clean and dry the area before you apply our repair kits. Use a hairdryer to remove any water droplets.

There are two containers supplied – Part 1 and Part 2 – which are mixed together to create your repair solution. The resulting liquid is an exact colour match to Lucite 1W28, producing invisible repairs! We have other Lucite colour shades available on request.

Our repair solutions are best applied within rooms with a temperature range of between 16 – 20°C. This helps the products to cure within the specified time (see box for instructions). It’s also worth noting that the repair solution will shrink in volume by 20%. So, slightly overfill to allow for shrinkage. The solution should be proud over the damage to avoid sinking below the surface level. The repair solution covers around 8-10 chips equal to 5 pence pieces.

Make your bathroom guest ready

Small touches can go a long way when it comes to making your bathroom ready for guests. You won’t need to buy a new bathroom suite or spend lots of money. Instead, you can spruce up this room with a few fresh elements and carry out any simple repairs. And the best bit of all, your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference! Our kits hide a multitude of sins, from scratches to splits, chips and cracks.  

Upgrading your bathroom is also better for the planet, as you’ll be sending fewer items to landfill sites. Recycle and upcycle as much as you can for a more environmentally friendly approach. Our kits offer fast budget-friendly bathroom repairs, so you can relax and enjoy some quality time at Christmas.

Get your bathroom ready for Christmas with our affordable Bath and Shower Repair Kits.

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