How to spot and fix common bathtub problems

How to spot and fix common bathtub problems

How to spot and fix common bathtub problems

Worried about a damaged area in your bathroom? Are you unsure how to carry out repairs? Let’s look at how you can spot and fix common bathtub problems without paying out for costly tradespeople. We share some simple, speedy, and budget-friendly solutions.

Minor plumbing repairs

Unless you have a water leak or pressure problem, there are a few easy plumbing-related repairs that can be carried out at home. Shower heads and accessories can usually be replaced, but it’s advisable to seek a tradesperson to fix any electric components. If you have a corroded drain-hole cover, you can usually buy replacements for a few pounds.

Do you have a loose tap?

Depending on the type of faucet, you can usually tighten the nut located within in the loose tap without expert plumbing knowledge. You need a ‘basin wrench’ or a ‘tap back nut spanner’, which is specifically designed for half inch sink taps or three-quarter bath taps.

Turn the mains water off first. Remove the tap from the basin and inspect it. Check you have a rubber seal or apply silicone to create a watertight seal. Place the tap back in the hole. If the tap doesn’t have a rubber ‘top hat’ fitting, it can be useful to get one as this helps to tighten the tap. Line the tap up so it’s in your desired place. Then, using the wrench, tighten the nut and then the tap connector to ensure everything is firmly in place.

Repair kits for baths

If your bathtub is made of acrylic, fibreglass, enamel, ceramic or porcelain, you can easily fix any damage. This also applies to shower trays too. Examine the affected area to determine whether you have a small scratch or a surface split. Assess whether the area is causing a water leak. Look around the bath or shower, paying close attention to any watermarks or damp patches on nearby walls or flooring.

Do you have water penetration?

Our Putty Repair Kit can be applied to bathtubs or shower trays that have split or have holes up to 2.5cm diameter with a depth of 0.3cm.

  • Filling a hole. Thoroughly clean and dry the area, then break off the amount of putty needed. Knead this between your fingers for around a minute until the putty is completely white. Next, mould this into the same shape as the hole, ensuring it’s 0.5cm proud of the edge. Press down firmly to cover the area, leaving a 0.2cm surface gap for the next stage.
  • Filling a crack. Ideally, you want to apply the putty underneath your bathtub, and then follow the above instructions. For hairline cracks, we recommend creating a small reservoir around the crack using a chisel or screwdriver. Then, use a paper clip to push the putty into the crack, covering the whole area. See our online guide: How to apply the putty properly

Do you have a scratch, split, a chip or a dent?

Whether you’ve carried out the above repair, or you don’t have any water penetration, it’s time to fix the surface area. Our Acrylic Bath Repair Kit is a speedy way to repair your bathtub. Simply clean the damaged surface and check it’s dry and dust free. Add the contents of the part 2 brown bottle to the part 1 aluminium container, and then follow the box instructions. The liquid will cure between 12 – 24 hours. See our online guide: How to use

Top tip: Once you’ve mixed the two-part solution together, replace the cap and then wait for 5 minutes. Check the solution frequently to see if any air bubbles rise to the top. If there are no air bubbles, continue with the repair.

Bathtub rapid set repair kits

If you need to use your bathroom the same day, we have a super-fast repair solution! Our Rapid Set Repair Kit cures in just 3 hours. The application process is similar to our standard repair kits, except this fast-curing solution must be used within 15 minutes.

All of our repair kits will start to set after one hour when applied in a normal room temperature range of 20 – 22°C. Our kits do not require any DIY skills or knowledge. We hope our advice enables you to maintain your bathroom inexpensively without having to call in costly tradespeople.

We love seeing how our customers use our kits to fix their bathtubs and shower trays. And don’t forget to share your repairs by tagging us on Instagram @bathrepairkit and use #bathrepairkit.

Still unsure how to solve your bathtub problem? Simply use our online product finder

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