Inflatable Hot Tub & PVC Repair Kit

Inflatable Hot Tub & PVC Repair Kit


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Vinyl Repair Kit, Inflatable Hot Tubs and Paddling Pool Kit, 50ml PVC Glue and Patch Tool for Bouncy Castles, Tents, Awnings Inflatable Boats & Airbeds

The AngloAdhesives Vinyl Repair Kit – Your All-in-One Solution for Inflatable Repairs!

Our Vinyl Repair Kit contains a powerful, fast-setting PVC adhesive that can tackle a wide range of damages with ease. Whether you’re a pool owner, an inflatable enthusiast, or someone who values their vinyl possessions, this kit is a must-have.

Our adhesive is specially formulated to create a robust and lasting bond, ensuring your inflatables are repaired to their original strength, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come. This kit can tackle a variety of issues, from minor punctures to more substantial rips and holes, providing a seamless, watertight fix.

The adhesive dries clear, leaving your inflatable looking as good as new with no visible marks. It’s ideal for inflatable hot tubs and bouncy castles, ensuring a particularly strong bond and a professional finish.

The Kit Includes

– 1 x 50ml tube of Vinyl repair adhesive

– 2 x clear Vinyl patches (10cmX20cm)

– 1 x IPA wipe

– 1 x Protective Gloves

– 1 x Applicator tool

  • Made in the UK


I need help with my repair

Repairing your shower needn’t mess with your bathroom routine – we offer all our customers an unlimited amount of help and advice so if you want to talk to us about your damage then please call, email or live chat our technical sales department who will be happy to assist. You can also view our ‘Hints & Tips’ or ‘How to Use the Acrylic Bath Repair Kit’ instructional YouTube videos.

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