Eco-friendly bath or shower restoration | Bathtub Repair

Eco-friendly bath or shower restoration | Bathtub Repair

Eco-friendly bath or shower restoration | Bathtub Repair

Did you know that recyclable bathroom waste accounts for 30% – 40% of landfill in the UK? Imagine how much space is also taken up by old bathroom suites! So, how can you carry out an eco-friendly bath or shower restoration and save money at the same time? We have the answer!

Sustainable bath and shower repair

When you find a crack in the bath or shower tray, it might seem like the obvious solution to get rid and replace with a brand-new suite. But the tide is turning within our fast consumer society. More people are opting for sustainable bath and shower repairs to spare the planet and their purse! Restoring an existing bathroom suite is not only better for the environment, but it’s much cheaper. Repair solutions are a fraction of the cost of new fixtures and fittings.

Acrylic can take up to 200 years to decompose.

Many modern bathroom suites are produced using non-biodegradable man-made materials, such as acrylic. So, instead of polluting landfill sites by throwing your old bath or shower away, why not repair any damage so you can do your bit for conservation?

Costly bathroom replacements

A common issue for people thinking about replacing bathroom or ensuite fixtures, when they find cracks, dents, chips and scratches, is ensuring everything matches. It can be tricky to only change a sink or bath, as the design and style needs to be consistent with other fixtures. Fittings such as taps are often supplied with a bath or basin, and they need to match throughout the room.

The cost of a new basic bath could set you aside around £200, while replacing and fitting a full bathroom suite could cost around £850. So, it makes sense to repair rather than replace damaged areas of your bathroom, from both an eco-friendly and cost perspective.

Let’s look at some common scenarios…

Hairline crack in my bathtub or shower

This is one of the easiest repairs to carry out, especially if the crack is only surface deep and water hasn’t started to penetrate through. Although it might look unsightly, you can get rid of the crack really easily using our Bathtub Repair Kit. Full instructions are on the box or read our previous blog, How to carry out a bathroom renovation on a budget.

Chipped bathtub or shower tray

If you have a dent or chip in your bathtub or shower tray, and water is starting to seep through, then you will need to fill the hole first. Both our Putty Repair Kit and Shower Tray Repair Kit will enable you to fix any holes and successfully repair your bath or shower. These repair solutions set quickly, enabling you to use your bathroom within 24 hours.

Rapid bathroom repairs

Need to use your bathroom the same day? No problem! All you need is our Rapid Set Repair Kit, which sets within 3 hours. This kit is perfect for busy families with little ones who need their evening bath or if you need a shower after an evening fitness class. The fast-acting repair solution enables you to use your bath or shower within a few hours.

There’s nothing on the market that compares with our Rapid Repair Kit! For more information on how to make speedy repairs, see our guide How to repair a bath quickly.

Repair damage and help save the planet

Our repair kits are budget-friendly and can be used on multiple areas, allowing you to repair every area of your bathtub or shower tray. This means you can restore your bathroom back to its former glory without having to purchase a whole new bathroom suite. And you don’t need any DIY skills to use any of the kits mentioned in this article!

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, every decision we make, no matter how small, can make a big difference. By working together to preserve existing bathroom fixtures and other furniture items in our home, we can reduce the number of items going into landfill.

So, why not repair your bathroom suite, upcycle chairs and tables, and explore other ways to limit your impact on the planet? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @bathrepairkit using the hashtag #bathrepairkit after you have carried out your repair – we love seeing your photos!

Use our online product finder tool to find the exact repair kit for your bath or shower.

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