How to repair a bath quickly

How to repair a bath quickly

How to repair a bath quickly

You’ve spotted a scratch, chip or crack in your bathtub. The kids are at school, but they will need their early evening bath later on and it’s already lunchtime. Let’s look at how to repair a bath quickly, so your daily routine isn’t impacted, and your children can still have their bath.

Quick bath repairs

Remember that new toy your little one was playing with last night in the bath? Or maybe you or your partner dropped something in the bath?

Many people mistakenly think they have to replace the whole bathtub when a crack appears, but this is really not the case! Why spend hundreds of pounds on a new bathtub when you can do a simple, quick fix and your bathtub can be ready to use the same day?

And more importantly, why wait to get a bath replaced, which will only cause more disruption to your children’s bath time. Bath repairs are also an eco-friendlier solution, as sending an old bathtub to landfill just adds to our increasing environmental problems.

You’ll need a bath repair product that can be used on bathtub materials. The most common material for a bathtub in the UK is thermoformed acrylic, but you might have a bath made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester or even porcelain-enamelled steel. If your bath is made from one of these materials, then it’s really easy to fix if you have the right type of rapid repair bath kit to hand. There are lots of products on the market that claim to offer quick fixes for bathtubs. But be warned, only one product can actually achieve this type of repair in a matter of hours.

Rapid dry kits for bath repairs

With our Rapid Set Bath Repair Kit, you can repair your cracked or split bath in just a few hours. You can also use this kit to repair cracked or split shower trays. As long as it’s not leaking water or the the damage hasn’t fully penetrated through the surface, this kit will work wonders! If you have a deeper hole or crack, then we recommend using our Putty Repair Kit.

Our Rapid Set Bath Repair Kits are exclusive to Anglo Adhesives. You can carry out a full bath or shower tray repair from start to finish in a few hours. This is the perfect solution for busy families with young children who need their evening bath. And it’s worth noting there’s no other kit on the market that can match the speed of our Rapid Set Repair Kits!

  • Rapid set means your bath will be ready to use in only 3 hours.
  • Contains a unique colour pigment matching industry standards.
  • Made from the same material as bath and shower trays.

So, how does this work and what do you need to do?

How to repair a bath

First, let’s dispel a myth. Repairing your bathtub doesn’t require expert DIY skills. In fact, anyone can use our kits to repair their bath! Simply follow the easy instructions on the box.

Here’s a quick summary of how you can carry out a fast repair of your bathtub:

  • Check you have all the items to hand from the Rapid Set Bath Repair Kit box.
  • Use the Isopropanol Wipe to thoroughly clean the damaged area of the bathtub.
  • Mix the two containers – Part 1 and Part 2 – together in the aluminium container, using the exact mixing ratio.
  • Using the syringe, apply the mixed liquid to the damaged surface. Place the polythene film over the top and smooth outwards with limited pressure.
  • Smooth out any air bubbles, add more liquid if needed.
  • Apply within 15 minutes of mixing and allow 3 – 6 hours to fully cure.
  • Rub down the repaired area with Wet & Dry paper, and then use the Acrylic polish with cotton wool to achieve a smooth, glossy finish.

It’s that simple! Step-by-step instructions are supplied with the kit, including photos and all the tools you need to carry out your bath repair.

Our kits work on acrylic, ceramic, stone resin and enamel surfaces. Available in an IW28 colour code (European white), we guarantee they will match 90% of all white bathtubs. This special pigmented adhesive and activator formula has been developed for fast, long-lasting repairs. These kits offer you an affordable way to quickly fix your bath or shower tray. You can save your pennies, help the planet, and your little ones can have their bath on time!

So, if you’ve spotted a crack, chip or split in your bathtub and you’re searching for a quick and easy repair solution, use our kit. And remember, accidents happen, but as long as you have the right repair kit to hand, you can fix and protect your bathtub for years to come.

Why not take a closer look at our Rapid Set Repair Kit?

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