Why you should fix your bathtub instead of buying a new one

Why you should fix your bathtub instead of buying a new one

Why you should fix your bathtub instead of buying a new one

I get it. You look at all those scratches or – even worse – a crack and a hole and think there’s no point in fixing your bathtub. After all, there’s nothing you could do to repair it and restore it to its former grandeur, so you might as well buy a new bathtub, right?

Well, if you do that, you’ll probably end up wishing that you could travel back in time to stop past-you from making this decision, so let me help you while I still can.

Trust me: there are actually lots of ways to fix your bathtub instead of buying a new one.

And the best thing? This choice comes with many benefits for you.

1. Fixing your bathtub can save you money

If you’ve been staring at the hole in your bathtub for hours with tears in your eyes, you might think that buying a new one isn’t that bad an idea. Maybe you can get a basic model for less than £200?

Unfortunately, purchasing a new one instead of fixing your existing bathtub doesn’t only involve the cost of the item itself. You must factor in that of a contractor for the removal and disposal of your old bath, installation of the replacement, plus all the tiling and plumbing involved too.

This brings the average cost of installing a new bathtub to a whopping £850. Yep, that’s your holiday gone.

Fixing your bathtub with one of our Anglo Acrylic Bathtub Repair kits, on the other hand will only set you back between £29.99 and £44.99. Big difference, right?

Take a look at our repair kits here.

2. Saving you time and stress

Spoiler alert: your new bathtub won’t just appear out of the blue!

After spending time finding the right model for your bathroom and budget, you’ll also need to arrange its delivery, get in touch with the right contractors for the removal of your old one, organise the new installation, wait for them to get it done, make sure you’re home when they can make it, etc, etc.

Fixing your bathtub with one of our kits, or to have it professionally refinished, can be done in a day (or less).

3. Keeping and fixing your bathtub is an eco-friendlier choice

Fixing your bathtub instead of immediately giving up on it means that you won’t be adding to the tonnes of waste that end up in landfills every year, but there’s more to it.

Because this practical choice doesn’t involve the delivery of a new one, installation and all the back and forth associated with plumbing and tiling, you’ll also cut down its carbon footprint.

4. Repairing your bathtub is nowhere near as hard as you think

Seeing a crack or a hole in your otherwise perfect bathtub can be heart-breaking and the more you look at it the more you convince yourself that there’s nothing you can possibly do to fix it.

In reality? That’s what most of our customers thought before trying our handy Bathtub Repair kits!

How to repair your tub

In order to repair a hole in your bathtub (or even cracks and dents), you just need to:

  • Apply the putty from one of our kits and let it harden
  • Apply more liquid with the included syringe
  • Smooth out any air bubbles
  • Stand back and let it work its magic
  • Once you polish it, your bathtub will look brand new

Our kits work on acrylic, ceramic, stone resin and enamel surfaces. And, because our Bath Repair kits come in an IW28 colour code (European white), they match 90% of all bathtubs.

And, if yours is part of the remaining 10% (quirky, I like it!), either read our blog about colour matching or contact us so that we can send you a tailored kit that matches your specific hue. Or if you’ve got any general questions take a look at our FAQs.

5. Having your tub professionally refinished is cheaper than buying a new one

Honestly? Even if, rather than a crack or two, your problem is that there are too many scratches and an overall worn-out look, fixing your bathtub by having it professionally refinished is still quicker and cheaper than buying a new one.

Or, if you have plenty of patience and are rather skilled at DIY projects, you could do it yourself. With a few hours of elbow grease, you’ll save even more money.

The moral of the story? You can release that breath! Accidents happen, so don’t be too harsh on yourself for dropping something in your bathtub and causing that hole or crack to damage its surface.

It isn’t automatically synonymous with the death of the entire fixture. By repairing your bathtub with one of our kits, you’ll be doing a massive favour to the environment, your nerves and, obviously, your wallet. You’ve got this!

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