Can I repair my damaged shower? | Bathtub Repair

Can I repair my damaged shower? | Bathtub Repair

Can I repair my damaged shower? | Bathtub Repair

Can I repair my damaged shower tray?

One question we’re often asked is “can I repair my damaged shower tray?” Put simply, yes you can with our new Shower Tray Repair Kit. And the best bit of all, you can use your shower in just a few hours after it’s been repaired! Let’s look at how you can fix your shower tray, so you or your family can use this within the same day.

Chipped or cracked shower tray

You took a shower this morning before work, and you’ve spotted some damage to the shower tray. Common causes of shower tray damage include dropped bottles of shower gel, shampoo and shaving items, especially if they’re made of hard plastic, metal or glass. If a wall-mounted wire rack or glass soap dish falls into the tray, this can also cause damage.

Most people believe they will have to spend money on replacing the entire shower when there’s damage, but this is not necessarily true. Whether it’s chipped, cracked or scratched, your shower tray can be fixed. It’s also more eco-friendly to fix an existing shower instead of this ending up on a landfill site. And there will be less disruption if you don’t remove the tray.

The problem is that you’re out for most of the day and you’re planning to go out in the evening. You’ll need another shower later on and you’re worried about water penetrating through the tray. So, how do you repair your shower tray so you can use it in a few hours?

What is the best way to repair my damaged shower tray?

Unless you work from home, all you’ll need to do is pop home at lunchtime to carry out a simple repair so you can use the shower in the evening. You won’t need any DIY skills, just the right product. There are many products on the market that can fix your shower tray, but some can take days to complete the repair. Our Shower Tray Repair Kit is the only item that will provide a permanent repair in less than 1 hour.

Our repair kit for shower trays is really easy to use and comes with photographic, step-by-step instructions. Even if you have zero DIY experience you will be able to carry out this repair. The kit has been designed to repair a variety of different materials, such as acrylic, stone resin, fibreglass, enamel, ceramic and porcelain. So, it doesn’t matter what your shower tray is made from, this affordable kit will repair any type of damage.

Here are five benefits for using our repair kit for showers:

  1. Rapid repair means you can use your shower within a few hours – there is no other product on the market that compares with ours.
  2. Contains unique European white colour pigment – matched to Perspex International (Lucite) 1W28 colour reference.
  3. The kit includes a piece of Epoxy Putty – repair any water leaking damage.
  4. Protection from grime with the Bathroom Brightener – supplied with the kit.
  5. Comes with an Acrylic Polish – used with the above, you can achieve a high gloss finish.

How to repair your shower tray

First, you’ll need to check whether water has penetrated through the surface of your shower tray. If you have access to the shower drain, put the plug in the drain hole, and then turn your shower on. Look at the underside of the drain to see if any water is seeping through. This should help you spot any areas with a water-leaking level of damage.

If you can’t get to the underside of your shower tray, check around the area to see if there are any damp spots or water stains on surrounding walls or skirting boards. You might also spot small puddles of water creeping across the bathroom floor that originate from the shower.

If you have a water leak, then you will need to use the Epoxy Putty supplied with our Shower Tray Repair Kit. Instructions are provided and this will allow you to plug the hole before you carry out the rest of the repair.

Once you’re sure that any areas of water leakage are fixed, you will then need to prepare the surface of the shower tray. Clean the affected area with the supplied Isopropanol Wipe. After the area has been thoroughly cleaned, you would apply the repair solution as directed in the instructions.

Once the repair solution has set, you can rub down the area and apply the Acrylic Polish. This kit includes a free sample of our new Bathroom Brightener. Used in conjunction with the polish, you can achieve a stunning high-gloss finish, as well as lasting protection from shower grime. So, your shower tray will not only be fixed but it will look great too!

Our repair kits for shower trays offer rapid repairs and are exclusively made by Anglo Adhesives. The kit also contains all the tools you will need to carry out your shower tray repair.

Looking for a way to repair a damaged shower tray? Try our Shower Tray Repair Kit

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