Should you repair or replace your bathtub?

Should you repair or replace your bathtub?

Should you repair or replace your bathtub?

A damaged bathtub or shower is not only an eyesore, but if left unchecked, this could lead to leaks in the future. So, should you repair or replace your bathtub when it’s showing signs of damage?

Although a brand-new bathtub or shower may seem tempting, the cost-saving advantages and environmental benefits should not be ignored. Nowadays, refitting a bathroom suite comes at a high price, so it makes sense to look at how you can fix your bath instead.

What do I do if my bathtub is damaged?

This is a common question people ask when they spot signs of damage. First, you need to check the level of damage and whether water has penetrated through the surface. If you have a hole or a deep surface crack, you could repair this using our Putty Repair Kit. Then, you could use our Bathtub Repair Kit to repair the damaged area, leaving it as good as new.

One of the biggest reasons to choose our repair kits over a bathroom suite replacement is the substantial cost savings. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

  • To replace a basic model bath – you can expect to spend around £200. However, this is only the start of the process. Hiring a contractor to remove and dispose of the old bath, as well as the installation of the replacement, tiling, and plumbing, could cost you an extra £650. So, when you add it all up together, you could be looking at a total expense of a whopping £850!
  • To repair a basic model bath – in contrast, our bathtub repair kits are a budget-friendly alternative, ranging from just £17.99 to £26.99. By using a quality repair product, you can rejuvenate your bath or shower without breaking the bank. The big price difference between repair and replacement makes it clear that fixing a damaged bath is the financially savvy choice.

Save money and the environment

Apart from saving you money, repairing your bath or shower is also an environmentally friendly option. The process of manufacturing, transporting, and installing new bathtubs requires significant resources and energy, contributing to carbon emissions and climate change. By choosing to repair your bath instead, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Repairing also extends the lifespan of your existing bath or shower, reducing the demand for new materials and minimising landfill waste. By embracing the concept of “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” you can play your part in creating a more sustainable future for our planet

No DIY skills required!

Another big benefit of using our Bathtub Repair Kits is the ease of application. Our kits have been designed to be user-friendly, so you can carry out the repair without any DIY skills or professional assistance. Repairing your bath or shower becomes a simple task that can be completed with minimal effort – and all the basic tools you need are supplied within the box!

Our bathtub repair kits come with detailed instructions on the box, so you can achieve professional-looking results with limited or no DIY experience. So, by opting to repair your bathtub, you’ll save time, money, and you’ll be helping the planet! Avoid the hassle and cost of booking tradespeople to carry out a repair, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

Acrylic bath repair kit for showers

Did you know that our Acrylic Bath Repair Kit can also be used to repair shower trays? Also, it’s worth noting that our kits can be used on bathtubs made from other materials and not just acrylic. You can use our kits on baths made of fibreglass, enamel, stone resin, porcelain or if it has a ceramic surface.

If you’re concerned that a repaired bath or shower won’t last as long as a brand-new one, this simply isn’t the case! When properly applied, the repaired surface will be just as strong and resilient as a new bathtub. You can enjoy years of use without worrying about cracks, chips, or unsightly damage.

Our repair kits are designed to provide durable and long-lasting results. The kits extend the life of your bath or shower, retaining functionality and aesthetic appeal. Made from high-quality materials, the liquid solution has been specially formulated to withstand the rigours of daily use. And the ease of application makes them a practical choice for any homeowner.

The question of whether to repair or replace your bathroom is ultimately a personal choice. It is a decision that brings both financial and environmental benefits. By using our budge-friendly bathtub repair kits, you can save hundreds of pounds and help save the planet too.

Why spend a fortune on replacing your bathroom suite, when you can repair damaged areas easily and cost-effectively? Embrace a smart and sustainable repair solution by using our Bathtub Repair Kits. And you can enjoy a stress-free, relaxing bath for years to come…

Have you used our handy online tool? Find the exact repair kit for your bathtub repair with our product finder!

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