What is the bath repair kit?

Anglo Acrylic Bathtub Repair Kit is a two-part acrylic adhesive containing a unique colour pigment which hardens at room temperature by polymerisation of the Part 1. Part 1 is a viscous mixture of an acrylic polymer syrup dissolved in a monomer, and Part 2 is a liquid catalyst solution that initiates the polymerisation of the Part 1. Anglo Acrylic Bathtub Repair Kit has been developed especially for repairing chips, scratches, cracks, splits and holes on Acrylic, fibreglass, stone resin, enamel, porcelain, ceramic surfaces and all other sanitary ware.

For more information on how to use this kit visit this page.

What damage does the bath repair kit repair?

The Bath Repair Kit will repair Chips, Cracks, Dents, Splits, and even holes in the surface of baths and shower trays, and any other acrylic and stone resin material.

Will I be able to carry out the repair myself using you Bath Repair Kit?

Yes, definitely, the bath repair kit has been manufactured in a way that makes it easy and straightforward to prepare and use, following a few simple step by step instructions here or to watch a video demonstration.

What types of surfaces can the bath repair kit be used on?

The Bath Repair Kit can be used on acrylic, plastic, stone resin, ceramic, steel and enamel surfaces. Making it ideal for repairing all sanitary ware.

Can the bath repair kit only be used on baths?

No! The Bath repair kit can be used on a variety of kitchen and bathroom appliances that have Acrylic, plastic, stone resin, ceramic and enamel surfaces such as cooker hobs, shower trays, washing machines etc.

Is everything that I need to make the repair in the Kit?

The bath repair kit contains all of the necessary tools for carrying out the repair. For a detailed list of what is in the kit check the relevant product page.

Do I need to know my ICI colour code to purchase a bath repair kit?

The bath repair kit comes matched to IW28 colour code which is a European white. This matches 90% of all bathroom suites. If your ICI colour code is different to a 1W28 Contact Us and we can supply you with a kit manufactured to your ICI colour code.

Are there other repair kit colours available as my bath is not white?

The bath repair kit can be manufactured to match 100’s of colours and shades. If you have a coloured suite that isn’t matched to our Lucite 1W28 sample please click here to contact us with your ICI colour code. We will be happy to manufacture a kit in your specified colour to ensure an invisible match subject to the age and condition of the surface being repaired. The colour is a unique pigment and pre-mixed with the adhesive in the Part 1 container.

How do I find my ICI colour code to purchase the correct bath repair kit?

Contact the suite manufacturer and they will be able to provide you with the ICI colour code for your suite.

Why is there not much product in the glass bottle?

The bottle that contains the Acrylic Bath Repair Part 2 has a capacity for 5ml of product but you only require 1ml in order for a successful repair in the time stated on the instructions.

Does the damaged area have to be a certain size for the Bath Repair Kit to be successful?

For the best results you will need to ensure that the damaged area is at least 2-3mm in length, width and depth. Without this the adhesive will not be able to bond to the existing plastic.

If you purchase the putty repair kit, the putty within the kit will stop a crack that is leaking the size of 500mm (length) x 15mm (width) x 3mm (depth). For a hole, the putty kit will repair a damage the size of 250mm diameter and 3mm depth.

Why should you overfill the damaged area?

You should overfill your damage as once the adhesive is applied to the damaged area it will shrink in volume by 20% as it hardens so cavities must be over-filled to allow for this. You need to ensure that your repair overfills the area by 2-3mm so that you do not sand away too much acrylic which could cause colour issues. When you apply the polythene use very light pressure to ensure that the solution doesn’t get pushed out of the damaged area. There is enough product to repair approximately 8-10 chips the size of a flat 5 pence piece with a depth of approximately 2 flat 5 pence pieces (i.e. 3-4mm). If you would like more information on how to fill in your repair please click here.

How do I apply the putty?

The best way to apply the Epoxy Putty is to the underside of the damaged area, which is normally accessed by taking off the bath panel. With shower trays and some bathtubs,this can be difficult so the alternative is to push the putty through the top of the damage, ensuring to leave a 2-3mm gap between the putty and the top of the acrylic. The putty is supplied with instructions for use.

Should there be white paint in my kit?

No. Our Acrylic Adhesive (Part 1) is manufactured to 1W28 European White colour code which is supplied pre-mixed in the Part 1 bottle.

How can I be sure I have mixed the two parts together thoroughly?

You will know that the 2 parts have been thoroughly mixed when you no longer have bubbles rising to the surface of the adhesive mixture.

Can I use this kit for deep scratches?

Yes however, you will need to ensure that the scratch is at least 2-3mm wide and deep for a successful repair. This can normally be achieved by carving a v-groove out of the damage using a razor blade or Stanley knife.

Won’t the supplied emery paper scratch / discolour my bath?

The emery paper provided has been specifically included in the kit to ensure that any scratches can be polished out using the Acrylic Polish provided. Discolouration will only occur if you have not overfilled the damaged area and as a result have sanded away too much acrylic.

Can I use this kit for large cracks or splits?

Yes, you can, but depending on the size of the damage will depend on how many kits you will need for a successful repair. In this situation it would be advantageous to contact our sales office on; +44 (0) 1664 480866 for some technical advice.

If you require a putty repair kit please visit this page.

Can I use this kit to repair a hole?

Yes you can, but depending on the size of the hole in your bathtub will depend how many kits you will need for a successful repair. In this situation, it would be advantageous to contact our sales office on; +44 (0) 1664 480866 for some technical advice.

We have written a blog on how to repair a hole in a bathtub. You can read this here.

If you require a putty repair kit please visit this page.

How long does the kit take to cure?

The standard Bath Repair Kit takes 24hrs to cure but if you require a quicker cure time, the Rapid Set Bath Repair Kit cures in 3-6 hours.

How long does it take for the kit to be delivered?

We aim to deliver the kit within 24 hours of receiving the order. If ordered before 12am GMT the order will be on a next day delivery service with APC. If ordered from overseas we aim to have your bath repair kit delivered within 2-4 days through FEDEX. Both of these parcel carriers have a speedy and excellent service that will get your kit to you in the quickest time possible. If you are from a different country and are unsure about delivery services please click here to contact us.

Can I return the kit and get a refund if I change my mind?

Providing the kit is returned in its original condition within 7 days, we can issue a refund. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

How does this kit differ from other kits on the market?

Due to our unique formulation not only is the cure time far quicker, our kit produces an invisible result when all steps are followed correctly.

Can I split the mixture into smaller amounts?

We do not recommend that you split the kit into smaller amounts but if you wish to do so for smaller repairs we state to use 1ml of Part A to every 0.1ml of Part B. The smaller amount can be mixed in the white lid of Part A and extracted with the syringe as per the instructions.