Bathtub repair kit

Acrylic Bath Repair Kit


The Acrylic Bath Repair Kit is an easy to use cost effective solution to repairing a chips and scratches in baths and shower trays. It can also be used on extensive damages such as splits and cracks providing the damage does not leak water and has not penetrated completely through the surface. If this is the case you will need our PUTTY KITclick here and view for guidance on how to use the Putty Kit.

Our kits are individually made up to match Lucite (ICI) European White 1W28 which is the industry standard shade of white currently used by all major bath manufacturers. Unlike any other kit on the market our kit contains a unique colour pigment which produces an near invisible professional finish particularly on new acrylic surfaces. European White 1W28 is often described as a ‘grey’ or ‘off-white’ shade of colour and occasionally we get asked for a ‘bright’ or ‘brilliant white’ which is referred to as WHITE 1W17 which we can produce upon request along with many other colour shades.

The kit solution is a special pigmented adhesive and activator formula developed specifically for producing strong, permanent invisible repairs on Acrylic surfaces but it will also successfully repair fibreglass, Stone Resin, Enamel, Porcelain and ceramic surfaces. Not only can it be used on a multitude of different surfaces, but it can also be used to repair damages on both horizontal and vertical angles. Click here for our recommendation on how to repair a damage on a vertical angle.

There is enough solution to repair several chips and scratches of an average size of a 5 pence piece coin and can be used more than once providing the solution is mixed to the correct ratios as stated in the instructions.

Each kit comes with easy to follow photographic step by step instructions and all the tools needed, including a high grade finishing polish, to carry out a successful repair. Please call our technical sales department who are happy to assist should you require any further help or advice or refer to our How to Use the Acrylic Bath Repair Kit instructional YouTube videos

Useful downloads

Technical Information Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Part 1

Safety Data Sheet Part 2

Bathtub Repair Kit

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Kit Contents

  • Part 1 - 10ml aluminium container
  • Part 2 - Brown bottle
  • Stirring rod
  • Polythene film
  • Emery paper
  • Acrylic polish
  • Cotton wool ball
  • Syringe
  • Protective Gloves
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