WE NEED YOU – Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom Companies

WE NEED YOU – Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom Companies

WE NEED YOU – Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom Companies

You may have seen our recent call on social media for reputable Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom Companies to join our expanding network of nationwide Acrylic Bath Repair Kit stockists. In this article, we give you an insight into the benefits available to your business if you choose to work with us!

Do you currently call out a repair specialist when items in your showroom get damaged? Do you then look at their invoice and wonder how they sleep at night? Well, there is just no need! Each of our Repair Kits comes with in-depth instructions on how to repair a damage as well as all the tools required to complete your repair in just one hour. We can offer full training and technical support meaning you are totally equipped for carrying out many different types of repairs. It’s a huge time and money saver!

The kit is a unique acrylic solution making it the best thing you can use on acrylic surfaces. You don’t just have to take our word for it either. The vast majority of Bath Manufacturers use and recommend our kit. Industry approval speaks volumes!

Here at Repair Kit HQ, we regularly receive calls from the General Public as well as Plumbers, Tilers and Builders asking where they can go to purchase one of our kits. When we take these calls, we would love to say, “Yes Mr Bloggs, we have a stockist just around the corner from you!” and send him to your store to purchase a kit from you.

Now let’s talk about your customers and any passing trade. Our eye-catching Trade Counter display box holds Ten Repair Kits. This means that any visitors to your store can easily purchase a kit on the spot – and hopefully other items that you sell too!

One Hour Acrylic Bath Repair Kit

And for our Grand Finale? We will advertise that your business is an Approved Repair Kit Stockist across our social media channels and our website giving your showroom increased marketing exposure!

Does this all sound good to you? Want to find out more or get involved? Contact us now!

Call our team on +44 (0) 1664 480866

or email marketing@angloadhesives.co.uk

Alternatively, you can contact us through our website by clicking here.

Our team will be delighted to discuss this great opportunity with you!

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