Hotel Maintenance and Repairs

Hotel Maintenance and Repairs

Hotel Maintenance and Repairs

If you are in the hotel and hospitality industry, the chances are, you spend half your life worrying about maintenance and repairs in your business. Whether you have an in-house maintenance team or call in specialists to carry out repairs on your behalf, you are going to want to read on as this article could save you both time and money!

I’m sure that there are many items in your hotel rooms that are damaged by clumsy patrons but we’re going to talk about your bathrooms. Damages to a bath or shower tray happen surprisingly easily. Something as simple as a dropped showerhead or heavy bottle can cause unsightly dents, chips and cracks. This probably isn’t how you want to present your business to your paying customers!

Replacing damaged bathroom fixtures can be a costly business and if you are doing this on a regular basis it probably feels like throwing money down the drain! Well thanks to us, there’s just no need for this to be the case.

Our Acrylic Bath Repair Kits are a cost-effective alternative to having to replace your sanitary ware. The kit is a unique acrylic solution primarily manufactured to Lucite colour code 1W28 (Standard European White) our kits can provide a near invisible and permanent repair on acrylic, plastic, stone resin, ceramic and enamel surfaces in as little as one hour!

So, what does this mean for you and your Maintenance Teams? A great time saving! Each kit contains in-depth, step by step instructions as well as all the tools required to carry out your repair. We also have an experienced team on hand to provide technical advice over the phone, by email or via our Live Chat system which you can find in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We can even offer training if needed!

All of this means that you don’t need those expensive repair specialists. As of right now, any repairs can be completed efficiently in house and if you are super organised and keep one of our kits on site, it can be all finished before your next guest’s check-in!

Need something a little different to the standard White? We manufacture our kit in over 20 different colours as well as offering a clear repair kit (ideal for repairing items such as Hot Tubs!). Contact our team to discuss your colour requirements, we’d be delighted to help!

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