The Great Bath vs Shower Debate

The Great Bath vs Shower Debate

The Great Bath vs Shower Debate

We all have an opinion when it comes to the great Bath vs Shower debate. Some of us choose a shower for speed and cleanliness, others choose a bath for the relaxation element.

It has been a common conversation point and is one that, as a team working in the industry, we visit in our office fairly regularly.

Is there a right answer? Probably not.

Most people don’t have time to sit in a hot bath for an hour at the end of a working day. It’s a luxury that some of us just don’t have. Who likes having fingers all wrinkly like old prunes anyway?!

The reality is that in modern life, taking a shower has become the more popular way to stay clean. It’s quicker. It’s more convenient. It’s just simpler.

In this article, I will be presenting some of the pros and cons of the great Bath vs Shower debate.

First up, the good old fashioned bath.

It’s at this point, I feel it is only right to say, I am firmly Team Bath. Yes, this makes me biased but I’m going to do my best to be fair throughout this article!

Baths are, without question, the most relaxing of the two. There are also many scientifically proven health benefits (both physical and mental health) of taking a bath.

You can add things to a bath. Bubbles, bath bombs, candles, face masks, wine, chocolate (did you know that a Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers tray floats?! You’re welcome!), essential oils, salts, books, music, you name it, add it to your bath and it becomes instantly better.

Having a bath can lower cortisol levels, which in turn delays premature aging and reduces acne. I wonder if that’s where my youthful glow comes from…only kidding.

A bath is obviously a lot more practical if you are trying to wash small children too.

There are downsides to a bath though.

A bath that’s too hot can be bad for your skin. A soak in a bath that is too hot can inflame the skin, causing redness, itching and even peeling. A bit like sunburn! That said, this can also happen when taking a shower too!

Water consumption is also an issue. Unless you share your bath water with every member of your family, then use it to water the plants in your garden, you probably would be more efficient by taking a shower.

So, what about showers?

First up, lets talk about speed. The average person doesn’t stand in a shower for hours on end. For most people it is the hygiene method of choice due to the fact you can be in and out, squeaky clean, in a matter of moments.

During the night, our bodies discard toxins from our systems through our sweat. If you take a shower in the morning, you wash away these toxins. A morning shower is also a great way to give you a boost of energy to start the day. No one likes going to work and feeling like they need a wash all day! That said, showering at night means you aren’t taking sweat and germs to bed with you.

If you work out regularly or wear a lot of make up, showers are more hygienic than a bath. A shower rinses any particles straight down the drain.

There are also several benefits of taking a cold shower (though this sounds like madness to me). These include locking moisture into your hair, helping to combat skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis and preventing achy muscles post exercise.

And the downsides of a shower?

The main downside that I can see, is that you have to stand up to take a shower. What’s relaxing about that?!

Secondly, if you are washing small children, this is much harder (and messier) in a shower. I suppose if you enjoy mopping the floor, this might not be so bad.

It wastes water. Some of the water will leave the shower head, not touch you at all, hit the floor and head straight down the drain. Absolute nonsense!

And so, to summarise. The winner of the great Bath vs Shower debate is…. entirely up to you.

There is no clear winner in this. It comes down to personal preference and while I think those of you who prefer showers are, well, wrong, I’m sure most of you probably think the same about me!

Do you have a preference? Have I missed a vital point?

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