To putty or not to putty – that is the question.

To putty or not to putty – that is the question.

Why should I buy a putty repair kit?

Putty is needed when you have a split, crack or hole in your bath or shower tray that leaks water.

You’re probably asking yourself how could that possibly happen as a bath is so solid. Baths can range from 2mm  – 16mm thickness and the most popular purchased, is the 4mm, so they may not be as strong as they appear and are easily damaged…as we discovered. People drop items frequently in bathrooms.

A common incident occurs when you are making alterations in your bathroom. You, the plumber or bathroom fitter drop a screwdriver or tile, and like toast always landing butter side down, the tile is guaranteed to land on a sharp corner and cause the most damage possible. You now have a chunk missing from your beautiful new bath. So easily done.

Anglo originally developed our Bath Repair Kits to repair the small chips and scratches on baths and showers. Following customer enquiries we discovered the majority of damage needing repair, was more extensive and requests were made for a repair kit to fix holes and cracks in baths.

With a hole or crack in your bath you have a leak, so have no choice but to buy a new bath or repair. So we developed our product to include our epoxy putty which resulted in the permanent, cost effective, quick solution to repair the hole or crack.

The Repair

Repair the split in your shower, bath or sink, preferably by applying the putty to the underneath, this will ensure it will be water tight. If you cannot reach the underneath to apply the putty, you can either channel a groove to make more room for the application, or use an opened paperclip to push the putty between the crack to give it a water tight seal.

We always advise that surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from dust. The putty hardens after 5 minutes giving the final strength after 24 hours.

When the putty has hardened you can apply the acrylic solution to the damage, leaving you with a perfect, long lasting repair.

About Anglo Epoxy Putty

Once set it is as hard as steel.

  • It can be drilled, filed, sanded, machined or painted one hour after use.
  • It can be applied and sets in wet conditions.
  • Bonds permanently to aluminium, brass, copper, steel, fibreglass, glass, hard plastic, ceramics wood and most other materials.
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 150°c
  • For more information click here.
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