Select the correct (ICI) colour for your bath repair kit

Select the correct (ICI) colour for your bath repair kit

There are many ICI colours to choose from when designing your new bathroom but what happens when you chip a piece of the acrylic and need to make a repair?

Answer – You purchase one of our Bath Repair Kits. Our bath Repair kit is manufactured to match many different shades of ICI colours.

Because of our adhesive technology, we are the only company in the world that has the expertise to formulate special colour pigments to match Lucite/ICI acrylic sheet. This unique pigment formula results in us being able to offer you an invisible colour match.Baths and shower trays are made from this sheet.

These leading UK manufacturers use this acrylic to make their baths and shower trays, all of whom buy our Acrylic Bath Repair Kit, for their in-house repairs and for selling on to their customers.

Each Acrylic colour shade is allocated a colour name and a reference number. There are many shades available, for example:- there are at least seventeen shades of cream, twenty-six shades of blue and nine of White, at last count with more shades added as fashion trends dictate. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you  to know that white is very ‘en trend.’

The most common shade of white is known as European White or Alpine White with the code number 1W28. This is the shade that we provide as default unless our customer requests something different. If your ICI colour code is different to a 1W28 Contact Us and we can supply you with a kit manufactured to your ICI colour code.

How do I find the ICI colour code of my bath/shower tray?

We always advise you to contact the manufacturer of your bathroom suite and they will be able to provide you with the ICI colour code.

In our experience DIY retailers and bathroom fitters/plumbers are very rarely forearmed with this information.

If you require a different colour to 1W28 then please Contact Us with your ICI colour code and we will be happy to manufacture a kit in your specified colour to ensure an invisible match.

U.K. Telephone – 01664 480 866

International Telephone –  +44 1664 480 866 or fax: +44 1664 480963.

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