Why do we advise you overfill?

Why do we advise you overfill?

Why is overfilling important?

We advise that when you are applying the mixture to the area that needs repair, you overfill.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Shrinkage – The solution will naturally shrink as it adheres and sets. Once applied to the damaged area, it will shrink in volume by approximately 20% as it hardens. If you overfill, the mixture will sit proud of the surrounding area, thereby allowing for the shrinkage.
  2. Settlement – The mixed Acrylic solution will settle into all of the damaged area by slowly seeping into the tiniest spaces. This will ensure that the whole of the damage is coated by the mixture resulting in a solid, long lasting repair. By overfilling, the mixture will sit proud of the surrounding area allowing the excess to be used for settlement.
  3. Air Entrapment – After adding the complete contents of the brown bottle (Part 2) into the Aluminium bottle (Part 1) you are instructed to mix slowly and thoroughly. During this mixing process air bubbles occur. For this reason we advise that you replace the cap and leave the bottle for 5 minutes to allow the bubbles to come to the surface.

The instructions then ask you to apply directly from the syringe to the damaged area making sure it is overfilled. As further air bubbles may have occurred whilst transferring the solution to the syringe, you are then instructed to use the polythene film on the treated area to remove these – By using light pressure smoothing it outwards from the centre to ensure there are no air bubbles trapped within. The surface of the repair should still be proud of the surrounding area. If it is not, you are advised to lift the polythene film, add more liquid and repeat the process.

For more information buy our acrylic bath repair repair kit here.

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