Coverage & shelf life

Coverage & shelf life

How much will the kit cover and can I save some for later?


One Bath Repair Kit is all that is needed to cover most repairs unless there is extensive damage. It is tricky to estimate the amount of cover quantity as damage comes in all shapes, sizes, depths and lengths. We find the best way to explain the coverage quantity as:-   One Kit contains enough product to repair approximately 8-10 chips the size of a flat 5 pence piece with a depth of approximately 2 flat 5 pence pieces (i.e. 3-4mm).

Your damaged area may be quite small but do not forget to overfill as the adhesive once applied to the damaged area will shrink in volume by 20% as it hardens so cavities must be over-filled to allow for this.For the best results you will need to ensure that the damaged area is at least 2-3mm in length, width and depth. Without this the adhesive will not be able to bond to the existing plastic. Another reason for overfilling is that when you finish the repair you do not sand away too much acrylic, which can often cause colour issues.

If your damage is a scratch or hair-line crack, you will need to ensure that the scratch is at least 2-3mm wide and deep for a successful repair. This can normally be achieved by carving a v-groove out of the damage using a razor blade or Stanley knife. This small scratch would then need more of the product than you may have thought.

If your damaged area is large and you are unsure of how many kits you will need for a successful repair, it would be advantageous to contact our customer services, click here.


Our Bath Repair Kit does not have to be used all at once. It is possible to save some for later use but you can only do this before you mix the two parts together. We recommend that you read our advice below before considering this:-

The volume of product in Part 1 and Part 2 containers is measured to the exact mixing ratio, this ensures that when the complete contents of both containers are mixed together thoroughly is sets within the time stated. The adhesive will not polymerise (harden) properly if different proportions of the Catalyst (Part 2) are used. If a smaller amount is required dispense one drop of Part 2 directly from its container for every 1ml of Part 1. It is important that this is done accurately otherwise the adhesive will not cure properly and give inferior performance.


Bathtub Repair Kit Part 1 is suitable for at least 12 months when stored in its original container or in a metal cabinet, or other suitable store below 20C. If it has been stored below 15C it must be allowed to come to room temperature naturally, this could take several hours. Bathtub Repair Kit Part 2 should be stored as above at 0 – 5C. At lower temperatures -10C the catalyst may crystallise out of solution. It is important that all solid deposits should be re-dissolved before the solution is used. This should be done by carefully warming the container and its contents to about 20C and shaking to uniform the product back into solution. Once mixed, repairs should not be carried out below 15C otherwise setting time may be affected, ideally the room temperature should be 16 – 20C. As soon as Part 2 is added to Part 1, the combined solution will begin to harden and therefore should be used immediately.

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