Cold showers: Yes or no?

Cold showers: Yes or no?

It is a known fact that cold showers are supposed to be good for your skin and body in comparison to hot showers but what are the actual benefits?

Athletes tend to have cold showers after they have raced as it is a benefit to do so for their body to recover quicker. During exercise, your body builds up waste products and your muscles become swollen after being worked. When having cold showers or baths, the cold water tightens your blood vessels, forcing the blood that contains these waste products to be pushed away. When you warm back up, these same vessels expand again, pulling in fresh, newly oxygenated blood. Therefore, this makes your body feel happier and healthier. 

Having a cold shower in the morning can wake you up and make you feel more energised. Now, as its coming closer to winter i know that doing this isn’t going to be the top of your list but the dark mornings make you feel a bit low don’t they? So having cold showers every morning can you get day started off better. When you enter the shower and gasp from the coldness, this is a benefit of a cold shower. The contrast between the temperature of the shower and your body cause your heart rate to increase as your body tries to catch up with the coldness and warm up again. Therefore, more oxygen will flow through your body, making you feel more alert.

Hold on! Cold showers may not be right for everyone – if you have any pre-existing health issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, or you are pregnant or elderly, contact your doctor beforehand to make sure taking a cold shower is safe for you. 

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