5 interesting shower facts that you might not have known

5 interesting shower facts that you might not have known

Here I have put together 5 of the most interesting shower facts that I could find:

  1. 5 minute showers
    You use a gob-smacking 70-115 litres of water in a 5 minute shower dependent on how powerful your shower is. Although, showers are a lot more efficient than baths, which use 170 litres of water, but it is astonishing that that much water goes down the drain in just 5 minutes!!
  2. Most people in a shower
    The world record for the most people in a shower at the same time goes to Pert Plus who managed to get 145 people showering altogether in 2009.
  3. Most expensive shower
    To buy the world’s most expensive shower it will cost you £74,800! How crazy is that! This shower is from a company called Silver Tag. The shower has jets of water that come from every possible angle, is made from luxurious, expensive materials and even comes with your very own remote to decide what settings you want the shower to be on.
  4. Longest shower
    This world record goes to a man named Kevin McCarthy, who spent 340 hours and 40 minutes in the shower. Can you believe that? He must have looked like a fish by the time he had finished!
  5. Biggest shower
    This award goes to Pert Plus as well, on the same day as achieving the record for ‘Most People Showering At Once’, he also earned the record of the World’s largest shower, building a 10ft tall shower, with a 40ft wide shower head.

Who would have known that there are such interesting shower facts. I thought the only use for them was to have a quick wash and to wake yourself up each morning?

Anyway, shower facts to one side, if you have a damaged shower tray simply visit our buy online page to see how quickly you can fix the shower tray.

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