How to tackle bathroom condensation

How to tackle bathroom condensation

There’s nothing more annoying than bathroom condensation. Walking into the bathroom after someone has had a shower and everywhere is covered in condensation, no thank you! Condensation forms on the mirror, walls and windows when the warm, damp air is cooled by the cold surfaces. Here are a few ways in which you can try to make the bathroom drier and stop unwanted mould growth.

  1. Fit an extractor fan
    This might seem obvious but some people don’t have these when they are a must! By having an extractor fan it will suck up the condensation that forms in the bathroom and take it outside. Try to keep your extractor fan clean though else dust will build up and it will stop being so effective!
  2. Wipe down surfaces
    It may seem like hassle but giving the surfaces a quick wipe down once you have finished in the bath or shower will help eliminate mould. You don’t have to completely dry out the bathroom but wipe it just enough so that everywhere is not still soaking.
  3. Dehumidifiers
    This may seem like a big step but if condensation is a big problem for you then by purchasing one of these it means that it will take the moisture from the air and collect it as water. This could result in a big reduction in condensation.
  4. Air out bath mats and towels
    When the bath mat and towels get wet they store the water in them and once they warm up again condensation will appear so make sure to air them out properly when needs be to eliminate extra condensation.
  5. Heated towel rail
    By installing a towel rail and keeping it warm whilst you are in the shower or bath it will warm up the cold surfaces making it harder for condensation to form on them.

There you go! Tackling bathroom condensation doesn’t have to be so hard does it? 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of mould in your bathroom check out this blog.

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