Step by step guide to cleaning your bathroom

Step by step guide to cleaning your bathroom

It’s that time of year again when you need to thoroughly clean your bathroom again, such a chore! But doing the little cleaning sprees each week doesn’t stop dirt from building up in the small crevices that you might miss. So, thoroughly cleaning your bathroom a few times a year can help to banish the build up of unwanted grime over time and make your bathroom look shiny and new again! Here’s our step by step guide to cleaning your bathroom:

  1. Gather the gear
    Get all the relevant equipment readily available so that everything is within easy reach. This could be things like cloths/rags, toilet brush, anti bacterial spray, bleach etc.
  2. Strip the bathroom to the bare
    Empty the room from all clutter like towels, dressing gowns, bins, bath mats, baskets and toiletries. Taking your bathroom back down to the essentials means that it will be easily to clean and get to every area with ease.
  3. Empty the cabinets 
    Go through everything in your cupboards and decide whether to keep or throw it away. Wipe the inside of the cupboards before replacing the items you want to keep back.
  4. Clean the sink
    Scrub the sink in any nook and cranny to make sure that no dirt or limescale is left. Especially check around the taps where it can easily be missed!
  5. Bleach the toilet
    Use a toilet brush to scrub the inner of the toilet to remove any rings or debris. Then wipe all other areas and finish by putting some bleach into the toilet pan.
  6. Wipe the mirror
    Using a good glass cleaner, wipe the mirror down to make sure that all the marks have disappeared and it is streak free!
  7. Scrub the bath/shower
    Using a strong anti-bacterial cleaner, scrub the bath/shower screen so that all grime has disappeared and they are shiny again!
  8. Mop the floor and empty the rubbish
    Using warm water mop the floor clean and empty the rubbish bin.
  9. Replace all the linens 
    Once everything has been completed replace all the towels, bath mats, toiletries etc.

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