The Festive Holiday

Regardless of your religious beliefs or customs, the festive period is a time for getting the family together, having a hearty meal, maybe enjoying a tipple, and if you`re really lucky, a good game of charades. It is a time when a lot of families descend on one lucky person`s home to enjoy each other`s company and spend some quality time together.

With the extra strain on resources within the home, and all of those extra people in the house, something has to give, and that can mean broken kettles, sunken sofas, spillages on new carpets and for the really unlucky, possibly even an oven that has been so over-used that it gives up. One problem that you can put your mind at rest that you won`t have however, is a damaged bath or shower tray.

Your Bath or Shower Tray

With all of those extra people in the house, you will find that (assuming that your family are big on personal hygiene) your bath or shower will be used quite a bit. And with a lot of use, comes the possibility of damage. A bathroom out of use can be disastrous at the best of times, let alone at Christmas.

It might be that Uncle Jack drank a little too much brandy and fell into the bath, Grandma ate too many mince pies and the shower tray couldn’t take the extra weight, or maybe the kid`s make-shift boat ended up a little more Titanic than Pirates of the Caribbean. Accidents happen, and what is most important is how you deal with them.

Our Repair Kits

Luckily our Acrylic Bath Repair Kit has the solution to such problems and is able to repair all sorts of different types of damages such as typical scratches and chips but also much worse damage like cracks, splits and holes.  We always advise that damages are dealt with straight away to stop the damage can potentially develop into something more serious.

There are three different repair kits available, each one being suitable for different situations.

  • Bathtub Kit – successfully repairs chips and scratches in stone resin, acrylic, fibreglass, enamel and ceramic     surfaces, and sets within 24 hours.
  • Rapid Kit – Fast setting within 3-6 hours, and successfully repairs chips and scratches in stone resin, acrylic, fibreglass, enamel and ceramic surfaces.
  • Putty kit – for leaking baths and shower trays which also completely sets within 3-6 hours, and repairs cracks, splits and holes, and can fill and seal damage which might cause water to leak.

All of the products are made using a unique colour pigment technology which produce an invisible finish.

With our bathtub and shower tray repair kits, you can put your mind at rest that should the worst of happened over the festive period, you can deal with it quickly and ensure that there is no long lasting damage, and surely that would please any one….even Uncle Jack and Grandma !

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