Cleaning and caring for your stone resin or porcelain sanitary ware.

Cleaning and caring for your stone resin or porcelain sanitary ware.

Keeping your bath looking sparkly and fresh can be a chore sometimes but if you have the correct equipment it can be so easy! Our clean and care details on how to keep your sanitary surfaces looking great means that you can keep your bathroom blues away.    

Stone resin sanitary surfaces:

Stone resin is considered to be one of the most hard-wearing surfaces in the world! This is said to be because it is made from a mixture of minerals and resins which all combine to make the surface extremely durable.

To get the best appearance from your stone resin shower tray or bath we advise using a non-abrasive cloth and a household cleaner. Simply spray the cleaner and leave for a few minutes. Once this has been done wipe away the cleaner smoothly and there is your sparkling bath! If you use an abrasive cloth often this may affect the satin look over a period of time.

Although stone resin surfaces are considerably strong if a heavy object were to fall on the area it may cause a chip. If this is the case we have the perfect kit for you!

Porcelain sanitary surfaces:

Porcelain was developed by the Chinese around the 7th century. There are two different types of porcelain: soft-paste which is made of clay and powdered glass which is fired at a low temperature and hard-paste which is made of kaolin mixed with powdered petuntse which is fired at 1400oC.

For best results when cleaning your porcelain surface, soak a microfiber sponge in some baking soda/ammonia solution. Next, scrub the area with the sponge until the sink looks appealing. Once the cleanliness is to your satisfaction rinse the area then wipe away the solution with a clean cloth.

In unfortunate circumstances, a chip may appear on your porcelain surface. If this were to happen simply click here to order our kit!

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