Cleaning and caring for your acrylic or fiberglass bath

Cleaning and caring for your acrylic or fiberglass bath

Today I will be introducing how to clean and repair two other materials sanitary surfaces can be made from. By providing you with these cleaning and caring details I hope that maintaining your bath or shower tray to a crystal clean shine is easy to do and worthwhile.

Acrylic sanitary surfaces:

Acrylic has become a very popular material to create baths from due to it being a thermoplastic which means at a high temperature it can easily be molded into different shapes and when it cools the material sets very hard.

When cleaning your acrylic bath thoroughly all you need is a damp cloth and a good liquid cleaner. Simply spray the household bathroom cleaner onto the surface and leave for a few minutes to do its work. Then simply wipe away the residue with the damp cloth to show the shiny surface! If you wish to polish your bath we can provide you with a sample that will keep the dust away.

If you happen to notice a small chip or scratch in your acrylic bath don’t worry we have the perfect repair kit for you with easy to follow, step by step instructions. This repair will then become invisible to the eye so your bath looks brand new!

Fiberglass sanitary surfaces:

Fiberglass is one of strongest and most durable materials in the world therefore it’s easy to see why it would be used for sanitary ware. It also doubles up as an insulator which means it can be used in millions of products!

To clean your fiberglass bath simply spray white wine vinegar over the surface and leave to settle for several minutes. Once this has been done use a soft sponge to wipe the surface down in circular motions. When you have finished wiping the surface rinse the vinegar off with some warm water.

In terms of repairing your fiberglass bath our repair kit will do the job just fine if you have a crack or chip. Caring for your bath is important.

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