3 top tips from our bath doctor

3 top tips from our bath doctor

Over the past weeks we have received various phone calls and messages asking about specific parts of the repair kit and how to use it best. We have complied 3 most frequently asked questions by you and have had them answered by our bath doctor.

  1. Can the kit be split into a smaller amount?
    ‘Yes, you can split the kit into a smaller amount however you have to ensure that you mix the solution very thoroughly so that it will cure. To make a smaller amount the quantities are 1ml of Part A to 0.1ml of Part B. This can be measured out using the syringe that we provide. If you measure Part B out first and put the contents into Part A’s lid. Next, measure out Part A and put it into the lid it is easier to then mix the solutions together and extract it using the syringe once it has started to cure’ says our bath doctor.
  2. How much should you overfill the damage?
    ‘It is essential to overfill the damage as the solution will reduce by 20% when it starts to cure meaning that if there isn’t enough applied there will still be an indent on your bath surface. You should overfill the damage by around 2-3mm  and then very carefully apply the polythene making sure no air bubbles appear. Lightly press the polythene onto the solution but try to make sure that you don’t push the solution out of the damage else it will be harder to sand’ states the bath doctor.
  3. How do i stop the rest of my bath getting scratched when i sand the damage down?
    ‘We provide a polish in the kit that is specifically designed to get rid of light scratches that are made by the sandpaper. However, to make sure that you receive as little scratches as possible try to sand the area down in small circular motions that don’t exceed a centimeter of the repaired area. This will make it much easier to polish out the tiny scratches that may appear’ describes our bath doctor. 

That is all for now! I hope that these questions and answers were of use to you. If you need further information visit our how to use page.

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