We often get asked this. It’s a question we like to answer because although our website has lots of text, pictures and videos, it’s not easy to show what the product actually is. So here’s a little bit more detailed information as to what the kit is made up of and the key features it offers you……

Our Bath / Shower tray Repair Kit is an acrylic based adhesive resin containing a unique colour pigment which matches Lucite European White – colour reference 1W28.  We are able to supply kits to match all other Lucite shades of white and colours if required (1W28 is the industry standard and the majority of what we sell.)  We are the only company who manufacture and supply this unique colour match kit, which results in our customers achieving invisible repairs – subject to the quality and age of the acrylic/plastic and stone resin bath/ shower tray that is being repaired.


Because the kit is an acrylic adhesive this also ensures a lifelong repair. We say this because the best way to describe it is: – Imagine your bath or shower tray melted down into a liquid, this is, in essence, our kit….. A melted, pigmented acrylic adhesive that when mixed with the setting agent will harden to the same surface strength as your bath/shower.


We mention the kit being suitable to repair chips and scratches on acrylic baths and shower trays. This is certainly the most common type of damage and surface that our customers repair, and where you will get the best results. The kit also repairs many other types of damages on a variety of different materials … for example, it can be used on fibreglass baths, enamel, porcelain and ceramic surfaces. It will successfully repair not only chips on baths and shower trays, scratches on baths and shower trays but cracks on baths and shower trays, splits on baths and shower trays and even holes on baths and shower trays on both horizontal and vertical angles.


Where a damage has gone all the way through the surface, i.e. water will leak through – We offer the Putty kit as a simple solution to this problem.  The putty is used first to create a bottom to the crack, split or hole and then the repair is applied to the top surface…..leak stopped, damaged repaired…..problem solved !

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