Five Quick Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom for Christmas

Five Quick Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom for Christmas

Five Quick Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom for Christmas

So, the countdown is on. The shops are full of chocolate and sparkly objects, people are running round like headless chickens and you are frankly disgusted by the amount of people who have put their Christmas decorations up already (it’s too early, right?!).

Now we know that this time of year comes with an array of tasks to be completed before the family descend on your home and somehow there seems to be less hours in a day during the month of December.

We believe that Christmas is not exclusive to the living room alone. You can (and really should) decorate your entire home! As bathrooms are our speciality, to help ease the stress, here are five quick and easy tips to ‘Spruce up’ your bathroom in time for you to sit down and enjoy a tipple and a mince pie on (or ideally before) Christmas Eve!

1. Treat your bathroom to some festive towels!

You don’t need to spend a fortune, most supermarkets are selling Christmas hand towels and adding a bit of sparkle is a great way to make your bathroom feel a little festive.

2. Add a festive scented candle.

There are a huge amount of scented candles out there in a variety of fragrances. Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Cranberry or Vanilla are all great Christmassy aromas. (My personal favourite is the Yankee Candle, Snow in Love)

3. Fresh white silicone sealant.

Bathroom looking tired? A super quick fix for the ‘bathroom has seen better days’ feeling is a fresh bright white silicone sealant around your bath, shower or sink. For under a fiver and in no time at all, you can totally transform your bathroom making it look like new!

4. Add a novelty soap dispenser or toilet seat cover

Do people still use toilet seat covers, I hear you cry! Yes. Apparently they do (just like they still have Avocado bathrooms) and at Christmas, they’re more popular than ever. Who doesn’t want their toilet to have Santa’s face on it?! If this isn’t your thing, you could always opt for the slightly more subtle soap dispenser. Whether it’s Santa or a Snowman, this small item could add some real Christmas cheer to your bathroom – and you never know, both of these may just encourage Dad to put the toilet seat down and the kids to wash their hands!

5. Polish up your bath or shower tray.

Alright, we gave you four tips without selling you anything. Tip five requires our Acrylic Scratch Remover & Polishing Compound. This bottle of magic, applied in circular motions with a lint free microfibre cloth will help to revive your bathtub or shower tray, giving back it’s ‘like new’ shine. It can also be used on shower screens and Perspex splashbacks. You can buy our Acrylic Scratch Remover & Polishing Compound by clicking here.

We hope you have found our tips helpful and feel you now have the motivation to spruce up your bathroom in time to greet your guests and enjoy the Christmas period! We’d love to see your festive bathroom decoration. Tag us in your photos on Instagram @bathrepairkit

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