3 ways to keep a blissful bathroom

3 ways to keep a blissful bathroom

Having a blissful bathroom is the top of every homeowners list, but when 4 in 10 people choose to call out plumbers in order for their bathroom to keep functioning we thought that there’s got to be a simple solution so that you don’t have to keep spending those precious pennies.

So to help all of you out there that tend to make unnecessary call outs, we have gathered 3 helpful tips of the most common issues faced in the bathroom and how you can conquer them.

Toilet problems

When your toilet becomes old it is understandable that it may incur some issues whether that be due to something breaking in the cistern or a simple blockage.
There are a few ways in which you can keep your toilet feeling new: Regularly check inside your cistern to make sure everything is running smoothly and secondly, try to use bleach and a plunger as often as possible to make sure no blockages happen.

Blocked drains

These are common no matter where you are but are a particular nuisance if they are in your home as they can give off an unwelcoming odour. These blockages can be caused by numerous things such as items that shouldn’t go down the toilet being put there or more serious matters such as broken pipes.
The most sensible solution for this is to make sure that only suitable items go down your drains. Items such as face wipes and cotton buds are a big no to drains. Bleaching your drains can also prevent sludge build up.

Leaking taps

These are so common in all households and probably the most annoying too! However on the positive these are so easy to fix! All you have to do is replace a washer or tighten the connection.
Ways of avoiding this in the future is to only tighten taps enough so that the water stops, no extra force is needed.

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