10 ways to keep the water bills down

10 ways to keep the water bills down

Everyone has those regular thoughts when the water bill comes through – ‘gosh, did we really use that much this month?’. Well, if you’re one of them people who has this thought almost every month then here is a few easy ways to conserve water in your household.

  1. Fix your leaks
    This one may be obvious but some people tend to leave a leaking tap for a long time without getting it sorted. It can be a simple DIY job or you can call your plumber out but make sure you fix the leak ASAP, meaning big savings.
  2. Shorten your shower time
    Every minute spent in the shower uses around 7 litres of water. So keep your wash short and sweet!
  3. Install a rain barrel
    This may feel like a lot of hassle but imagine the water you could save for free from the rain instead of using your hose or sprinkler.
  4. Shower bucket
    Whilst waiting for the shower to warm up put a bucket underneath to catch the water. You can then use this to flush the toilet or water your plants.
  5. Fill your dish washer or washing machine before using them
    Your washing machine can use up to 150 litres of water in one wash so don’t waste it with only half filling!
  6. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
    Do you need the water running when you aren’t using it? No, so get it turned off. 
  7. Skip a shower
    You may not like the feeling of not being clean but skipping a shower at least once a week can save you around £40 a year.
  8. Flush your toilet less
    This may not sound appealing but do you need to flush the toilet every time you go?
  9. Fill the sink when doing the washing up
    Leaving the tap running whilst doing the washing up is the biggest waste of money that’s literally going down the drain.
  10. Turn the tap off whilst washing your hands
    When you’re lathering up the soap you don’t need the tap running do you?
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