What is the Future for our Bathrooms?


Bathrooms have pretty much stayed the same in terms of style and technology until the early 2000’s when countries in Asia decided to re-invent the standard bathroom facilities to be more luxurious. The smart technology trend also appeared in this era, with many people installing programmable thermostats and automated landscape lighting. Home owners love technologies...
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What are the Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bathroom?


With the climate changing and money become even more of an issue to some people, reducing your water consumption is as important as ever. Changing to an eco-friendly bathroom can not only save energy and water, but can lower your monthly utility bills as well. If you are completely renovating your bathroom or simply looking...
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How to prepare your bathroom this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just under a week away, if you haven’t planned a dinner date or bought your significant other anything special then don’t worry – you can still surprise them with a nice, relaxing and romantic evening in. Start the evening off with a home-made meal, with candles to set the mood, then move...
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Step by step guide to cleaning your bathroom


It’s that time of year again when you need to thoroughly clean your bathroom again, such a chore! But doing the little cleaning sprees each week doesn’t stop dirt from building up in the small crevices that you might miss. So, thoroughly cleaning your bathroom a few times a year can help to banish the...
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A few common plumbing questions answered by us


We all know that a professional plumber can charge a lot for their time so being able to do a few odd jobs yourself can make your life a lot easier and also save you the cash. Some plumbing problems can be quite complicated so leave them to the professionals but if the problem is...
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How to make your bathroom smell fresh


When damp and moisture is built up in areas it can create a not so pleasant smell. In addition to regularly cleaning your bathroom, you can add an extra few items to keep the smell more fresh and pleasant. To make your bathroom smell fresh follow these simple tips:  1. Use essential oils Essential oils...
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How to prevent bathroom mould


Mould is caused by humidity. Without proper ventilation, humidity in your bathroom leads to mould which is not an appealing look. If the surfaces in your bathroom are constantly moist, mould will thrive. Here is how to prevent bathroom mould: Squeegee walls after each shower This may seem like effort but by minimising water accumulation...
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Preparing your home’s plumbing for the winter


Winter is now upon us and there is nothing worse than having your house feeling cold during these months when all you want is to be cosy and warm. If your home’s plumbing isn’t prepared for the winter your water could freeze in the pipes causing them to break which would cause significant damage to...
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3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks


The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in your house to remodel, besides the kitchen. Many aspects of the room have to be thoroughly thought about before starting the project else everything could fall to pieces (not literally!). By reading these 3 tips and tricks you will know where to start with your...
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