Ideal Standard Bathrooms


Are you finding it difficult to choose what bathroom manufacturer you want to purchase from for your brand new bathroom? Ideal Standard having been trading for over 200 years now and are considered to be a top ranking bathroom manufacturer. They supply anything and everything you will need to ensure your new bathroom looks professional...
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Amazon listings


As Amazon’s catalogue grows more and more everyday its becoming apparent that this is the first place customers look when they want to buy a product. Many successful retailers have launched their products on Amazon which creates potential customers that can help generate sales through their own site as well. 55% of customers begin their...
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Which is better a bath or a shower?


This dispute has been happening for many years and although many people believe having a relaxing soak in the bath is most beneficial it isn’t very cost effective, like a shower is. In a ideal world you’d much rather have both in your bathroom separately however not everyone has the space or money for this....
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